Insights to driving sustainable excellence through a Hyper Collaborative Business Operating System (“HCBOS”)

The core philosophy of a HCBOS is a human-centric technology model, designed to revolutionise the way business works, – designed to support humans in order to assist in their willingness to strive for increased productivity and personal job satisfaction.

The HCBOS approach is predicated on an Optimal Performance Zone (OPZ) design, made possible through the ability to streamline organisations and increase the relationship between People, Processes and Systems (PPS), making organisations more resilient and effective on all levels.

Meritocratic organisations commit and vigorously drive to imbed, a no-nonsense, performance orientated culture, epitomised by intentionality and highly effective decision making. 

This culture eschews mediocrity and resistance to change.

The many benefits include, but are not limited to, increased revenues, margin and earnings before tax, satisfied customers, authentically engaged people and significant gains in the speed to market and execution prowess.”

– Dr Robert C. Maybery  (“Peak Performance Management”)

Quick wins can be achieved with the right solutions – insights drive excellence. However, even with the best people and systems in place, it will not solve the problem because digital maturity cannot be achieved overnight. A successful strategy is a steady hand on the rudder, – not a sprint chopping and changing solutions – and it requires the sustained application of PPS logic within the business to achieve best in class, increase ever-more successful relationships and reduce complexities – the core ethos that is at the very heart of our engineering. This philosophy unites the interconnected elements and logic to deliver the AFFECTLI OPZ for sustainable growth and longevity and to delight our customers.

Sun Tzu: Strategy Without Tactics Is The Slowest Route To Victory.

Tactics without Strategy Is The Noise Before Defeat 

Military general, tactician, writer, philosopher, Sun Tzu is regarded as one of the greatest military strategists. Died around 500BC.

AFFECTLI is a manager of managers toolkit that improves efficiencies by automating business processes through the implementation of our Hyper Collaborative Business Operating System. It is easily integrated into existing systems, or whatever technologies companies have already deployed, and delivers a trackable and auditable solution that will digitise and streamline ANY business, providing a single real-time overview of the entire organisation to drive informed decision making. In doing so, maximum efficiencies are achieved through attaining and (over time,) improving the OPZ, reducing operating costs significantly, and aiding organisations on the path to long term sustainable growth.

If you are looking for meaningful intelligence to drive and improve your own OPZ (Optimal Performance Zone), feel free to engage with us to request a demo or discuss your needs for a tailored A-OPZ solution.

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