People talking about AFFECTLI being acclaimed as the “Swiss Army Knife” of the DTx and BOS world?

When organisations learn about AFFECTLI they hear “reliability,” “versatility,” and “made out of necessity.” When people think about Swiss Army knives, they hear the same. AFFECTLI has been acclaimed by many as the “Swiss Army Knife” of the Digital Transformation and Business Operating System (BOS) worlds.

A Business Operating System is the navigation guide, enhancing improving and digitalizing the business operating model, providing end-to-end visibility and steering C-suite initiatives to digital business success. The BOS must provide all the relevant integrated functionality which supports the DTx pathways.

Digital Transformation, or DTx for short, is a fundamental change in the way companies offer value to their stakeholders and clients. It marks the reimagining of how an organisation uses things like technology, people and processes to develop new business models and revenue streams, driven by changing customer expectations for products and services. Organisations may embark on DTx for a number of reasons, but, the most likely of all is because they have to. It’s about survival

In the wake of the pandemic, it has become critical for a company to quickly adapt to disruptions, market time pressures and rapidly changing customer expectations. DTx is a significant undertaking, especially for larger, established companies. When done right, it will produce a business that is better aligned with the needs of partners and customers, with more resilience in a fast-moving digital future.

AFFECTLI is a combination of fully integrated, advanced software application functions making people and organisations more effective. With a real-time business operating environment, organisations wanting an effective digital transformation can substantially improve collaboration and automate much of operation management processes, increase innovation and make better data-driven decisions. AFFECTLI also allows users to fully integrate everything and can be used on different platforms, allowing users to generate efficiency, resulting in a rapid Return on Investment. Designed for dynamic information sharing, AFFECTLI delivers a single pane view of the organisation in real-time. This along with its agile and scalable technology makes AFFECTLI a versatile and reliable SaaS product. 

The cost and value-added benefits of such an approach makes AFFECTLI stand out from the rest. The Swiss Army knife of the DTx and BOS world is the most cost-effective way to go. With mindful and complete customisation, AFFECTLI can confidently be acclaimed as the Swiss Army knife of the DTx and BOS world.

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