Oil & Gas Operator

In early 2,000’s AFFECTLI originated as a solution to support a large oil and gas company operating across multiple countries to help manage its complex operation and considerable security risk, spread over a wide and poorly accessible geographical area before the Internet of Things (IoT) was widely understood, and has subsequently grown to over 30,000 sites, monitoring more than 1 million end-points.

Gold Mining in Africa

World’s largest gold-mining company began production in 2006 in Ghana in a remote regional location operating both surface and underground mines. The AFFECTLI generation of the time was further engineered and successfully implemented….REFER TO ABOVE VIDEO entitled “AFFECTLI Partner Redbridge – Mining Use Case”.

Brochure, Features and Operational Consideration aspects

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Amongst others, AFFECTLI contributes to these industrial giants’ successful projects –

  • An international operator of wireless and broadband communications infrastructure, a Fortune 500 company.
  • A sectorial leader in the Fortune 500, one of the world’s largest companies, engaged in every aspect of the oil and gas industries.
  • World’s largest gold miner, with multiple mining operations internationally.

Whatever your project complexities, the harshest geo-locations, the physical and environment demands, however many parties in your supply chain the organisation must seamlessly integrate, all of this AFFECTLI can help manage – cost effectively!

Why not explore AFFECTLI possibilities for the successful optimisation of your digital transformation projects’ aims and objective.

It provides an organisation with smart technology and connected systems that are the very foundation for business efficiency.

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