Why AFFECTLI’s low-code/no-code feature just works

Whether it’s simplifying the development process for business process engineers (BPE’s) by automating manual processes or business users creating an app themselves, businesses need a trusted and versatile intelligent Operations Productivity platform that allows these users to make use of low-code/no-code development principles. To maximise the impact of robot-led automation, business leaders need to have a solid understanding of the available tools and a clearly defined strategy for automating their enterprises.

Low-code/no-code development tools are visual development environments where enterprise, or citizen, developers have the ability to drag and drop application components and connect them together to produce mobile or web apps. By bridging traditional IT and business silos (promoting ongoing collaboration), organisations can develop solutions that meet their unique business’ needs. This type of development tool is not only quick to implement but, compared to systems developed in-house, it is more cost effective. Point-and-click or pull-down menu interfaces allow users to design and implement systems, individual or departmental, within a couple of hours. The software can also have a search or conversational interface. Little to no programming skills are required.

AFFECTLI provides a hyper-collaborative workspace by ensuring the right people receive the right information at the right time. This efficiency results in improved customer engagements and employee satisfactionincreased flexibility and reduces operational costs, improving business efficiencies that drives accountability and increases productivity while still providing a trail that is fully auditable.

AFFECTLI’s Designer is a feature within the web-based platform. The process designer allows citizen development to quickly create BPMN model-based processes and forms. It also supports the creation of decision tables (DMN), case management (CMMN) and eform models, which can be combined with process models to create complete process apps.

Ideally – business digitisation should allow for management of all your processes from a single platform that integrates with your existing tools to build intuitive process automation in minutes. 

With AFFECTLI, you are guaranteed to own your data, orchestrate everything and achieve intelligent business automation.This means you are given the confidence that your data is controlled and managed on your own terms or in a controlled environment on a cloud server. AFFECTLI gives businesses the ability to coordinate everything – including the capability to automate processes – from anywhere.

Using low-code/no-code development principles — such as AFFECTLI’s — to automate processes easier, organisations are better equipped to adapt and quickly respond to fast-changing business conditions.

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